Certificate Course for Outbound Tour Escorts

With a view to maintaining a high standard of service within the outbound travel industry, the TIC has decided that tour escorts leading outbound tours must hold a valid Tour Escort Pass.

A Certificate Course for Outbound Tour Escorts has been designed to teach basic tour-escorting skills and to assist candidates in preparing for the Certificate Examination.

**People who wish to obtain the Tour Escort Pass must take the Certificate Course for Outbound Tour Escorts organised by the TIC. From 1 January 2008, people who wish to obtain the Tour Escort Pass are required to submit their application to the TIC after completing the Certificate Course and passing the Certificate Examination. Applicants who have met the application requirements and have paid the application fee will be issued with a Pass.

Entry requirements

  1. 17 years old or above;
  2. Secondary school graduates [Note] or equivalent or above; and
  3. Holders of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, or holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card who are not subject to any condition of stay ( copy of the Document of Identity for Visa Purposes (D.I.) or passport must be attached to the course enrolment form).

Definition of "secondary school graduates":

  1. Completion of Form 5 or Year 11 under the old secondary education system (5-2-3 education system) of Hong Kong or the British-style education system; or
  2. Completion of Senior Secondary 3 or the 12th Grade under the new secondary education system (3-3-4 education system) of Hong Kong or the US-style education system.

Target participants

People who intend to become tour escorts and escort guides.


Part I

  • Requirements for an outstanding tour escort
  • Roles and duties of a tour escort
  • Effective skills in escorting a tour group
Part II
  • Useful guide for departure and arrival
  • Package Tour Accident Contingency Fund Scheme and information on levy
  • Travel insurance
  • Basic principles and skills in crisis management
  • Handling of emergencies
  • Case study/group discussion
  • Role-play exercise

Part III

  • First Aid Talk

Commencement date

Download the schedule, enrolment procedure and enrolment form for the Certificate Courses:

(Classes solely for travel agents or training institutions can be arranged upon request. For details, please call the TIC Industry Training Department on 2969-8111 during office hours.)


29.5 hours

Part 1: 8 hours
Part 2: 18.5 hours
Part 3: 3 hours


TIC Training Centre

Enrolment limit


Course fee

HK$1,250 (Including course and examination fees)


Cantonese supplemented with English terms