Fare Construction and Ticketing Certificate Course

This course aims to provide basic ticketing training for agency staff. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to acquire a sound fundamental knowledge of tariffs and ticketing.

Entry requirements

  1. Holders of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, or holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card who are not subject to any condition of stay; and
  2. Staff of TIC member agencies
    (Employees of other sectors of the travel industry such as airlines and hotels may also apply. Acceptance of these applications is subject to the TIC's approval)
  • Airline Geography and Ticketing Terms
  • Fare Construction Systems
  • Fare Construction Principles
  • Fare Checks
  • Special Fares Ticketing
  • How to Read and Write Traffic Document
  • Ticketing related knowledge like case studies, e-ticket concept, nett fare and GDS concept, etc
Commencement date

The schedule, enrolment procedure and enrolment form for the Fare Construction and Ticketing Certificate Course can be downloaded here.


  • 60 hours (including a 3-hour examination)
  • 7 to 10 pm (20 sessions)


TIC Training Centre

Course fee

  • HK$2,000
  • Participants may be refunded part of the course fee upon successful completion of the course. Application for subsidy is in progress. The Vocational Training Council will only subsidise participants who have less than three years ' work experience in ticketing.

Award of certificate

After completing the course, students with an attendance rate of no less than 80% will be allowed to take the examination. Those who have passed the examination will be issued by the TIC with a certificate.

Training manual


Download Enrolment Form for Fare Construction and Ticketing Certificate Course