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Tourist Guides

Tourist Guide Directory

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Name in EnglishName in ChineseGuide Pass No.Expiry Date
O CHING HING ROY柯正興TG041622022-11-30
O CHING LAI柯清麗TG110572021-12-31
O MING FAI柯銘輝TG018462022-6-30
O WAI KIU柯偉僑TG060082020-9-30
O YUNG柯勇TG119782021-2-28
OBA MASASHI大場雅史TG052292020-4-30
OH CHAEHYON-TG124062020-4-30
OH DONGKUN-TG123232020-8-31
OH JEONG MOOK-TG052032020-4-30
OH KYEONG WHAN吳慶煥TG124782020-10-31
OH LEE CHAN SHIM李燦心TG052022020-4-30
OH MI RAN-TG052232020-6-30
OH MYEONG SOON-TG125932020-9-30
OH YOUNG YAE-TG127662020-10-31
OOI HOOI HONG琪琪TG013932022-6-30
OR CHOI MING柯才明TG062512020-10-31
OR KIT YEE柯潔儀TG053632020-5-31
OR KWAN TAT柯君達TG118352020-9-30
OR MAT NA柯密娜TG063832020-10-31
OR TUNG YIN柯東燕TG076932021-11-30
OSIPOV DMITRY-TG107502020-6-30
OSUKH INNA-TG122662020-3-31
OU XINGXUE歐興學TG081992022-5-31
OUYANG XIAOXIANG歐陽小香TG125342021-4-30
OVERY AMY LOUISE-TG121312021-10-31