Protection for inbound visitors

Inbound visitors may browse the “ Advice for Travellers ” and the “ FAQs ” sections to learn about the protection for them. They may also browse the "List of Registered Shops" and “Shops whose Registration has been Cancelled”.

List of Passenger Fuel Surcharges

The public and travel agents may click the following to view the Passenger Fuel Surcharges collected by airlines:

List of operators and intending operators of study tours

Schools or organisations intending to appoint travel agents to organise study tours on their behalf can refer to the “List of operators and intending operators of study tours” and contact the travel agents directly.

Prohibited articles

For information about the import, export or transit of goods which are prohibited or controlled, please visit the Customs and Excise Department's website.

Communicable diseases and travel health advice

For the latest update and preventive measures of dengue fever, please click here for details (Chinese only).

For updates on communicable diseases such as rubella in Japan, avian influenza and Ebola virus disease, please visit the Centre for Health Protection website.

Travellers wishing to learn about latest news on health advice, please visit the Hong Kong Travellers' Health Service website and the Travel Health Bulletin.

Recovering the cost of levy payments from travellers

Members may recover the cost of levy payments from travellers. Please browse the leaflet and Directive No. 235: "Rules for recovering the cost of levy payments from customers" for details.

Guidance for booking cruise products through travel agents

Please browse the Guidance for booking cruise products through travel agents .

Recent decisions by TIC's disciplinary committees

Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System and Registration of Outbound Travel Information (ROTI)

Hong Kong residents planning to travel overseas are advised to browse the Security Bureau's OTA webpage and use the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s ROTI service to receive OTA updates and related information from the Government. 

Immigration Department's 24-hour helpline

Hong Kong residents who need help when they are outside the city may call the 24-hour hotline of the Immigration Department's Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit on (852)1868.

Visa-free Access for HKSAR Passports

Travellers may visit the GovHK website for an updated list of countries/territories which have granted visa-free access to HKSAR passport holders.

Travel Agents Incentive Scheme

The Government has launched the Travel Agents Incentive Scheme to pay each eligible travel agent HK$60,000 cash incentive at most. Please click here for the scheme details and the application method.

Funding schemes and relief measures for the industry

A list of funding schemes and support offered by the Government and related organisations for members. For details, please refer to the List of Funding Schemes and relief measures for the industry.

Dedicated Email System for Tours from Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Please click here for the dedicated email addresses of Hong Kong’s receiving agents. The dedicated email addresses of Shenzhen’s outbound agencies can be downloaded here (password not required).

Members who are unable to obtain the latest information of the dedicated email address, please contact our Inbound Department on 2807-1199.

Briefing on the Legislative Proposal for Tackling Ticket Scalping

The captioned briefing will be held on 17 December, the application deadline of which is 12 December (Circular C1862).

Pilot Information Technology Development Matching Fund Scheme for Travel Agents: Tenth-round Applications

The deadline for tenth-round applications is 31 December (Circular C1861).

Second Briefing on High-Speed Rail Promotion Scheme for Study Tours

The captioned briefing will be held on 13 December, the application deadline of which is 10 December (Circular C1860).

Newly elected directors

Four directors were automatically elected at the Annual General Meeting held this afternoon (“Latest News”).

Travel Industry Compensation Fund not applicable to assisting travel agents

Please see Circular C1858 for reasons of the captioned fund not being used to assist travel agents.

Annual Report 2018/2019

The Annual Report 2018/2019 of the TIC is released today (Circular C1855/“Annual Report”).

Directive No. 245

The regulations on package tour cancellation during the Chinese New Year have been tightened (Directive No. 245).

The Voice of TIC is released

Please read the “Cover Story” of the latest issue of The Voice to know the new arrangements on the issuing of tourist guide and tour escort licences under the new regulatory regimes.

TIC’s relief measures for the industry

The TIC has launched a series of measures to alleviate the impact of the protests on the industry (Circular C1842).

Survey and Research

The details of the project “Enhancing the Capability of Outbound SME Travel Agents for Service Innovation and Value Creation, Responding to the New Business Challenge” have been uploaded to the TIC website (Latest News).

Student helpers available to receive cruise visitors and offer assistance in MICE events

Inbound agents that need student helpers to receive large parties from cruise ships visiting Hong Kong or offer assistance in MICE events on an ad hoc or temporary basis may contact various universities and tertiary institutions (“ Latest News ”).

E-learning platform for tourism service industry

Industry members are welcome to use the e-learning platform (in Chinese only) launched by the Quality Tourism Services Association to enhance their service standards.

The HKTB announces new appointments in different strategic markets. Please click here for details.

Benefits for tourist guides

Training Programme Subsidy Scheme (for Tourist Guides) / CPD Subsidy Scheme

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for tourist guides

Tourist guides may click the following links to browse the information of the CPD activities:

  1. Knowledge on Hong Kong” Workshop / Quiz 
  2. Seminars on professional ethics
  3. Self-selected courses

Geopark Guide Accreditation System

Demerit system for tour guides

The TIC has set up a demerit system to improve the service standard of tourist guides who receive mainland visitors (“Other Rules for Tourist Guides”).

Latest information on courses for tour escorts

The Certificate Courses for Outbound Tour Escorts to be held during the following period is now open for enrolment:      

Handy Tips for Tour Escorts

The “Handy Tips for Tour Escorts” covers general rules for healthy travel, basic first aid, insurance claims procedures and useful telephone numbers.

Safeguard HK

Security Bureau's mobile app Safeguard HK is launched.

What are the procedures for refunding levy?
I wish to lodge a complaint but my case is also under legal proceedings. Will the TIC accept my complaint?
If a customer uses a HK$100 coupon to join a package tour worth HK$1,000, which amount, HK$1,000 or HK$900, should be taken as the basis for calculating the levy?
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