Protection for inbound visitors

Inbound visitors may browse the “ Advice for Travellers ” and the “ FAQs ” sections to learn about the protection for them. They may also browse the "List of Registered Shops" and “Shops whose Registration has been Cancelled”.

Updates on Zika virus infection

For updates on Zika virus infection, please visit the website of the Centre for Health Protection.

Communicable diseases
Travel health advice

For updates on communicable diseases such as avian influenza and Ebola virus disease, please visit the Centre for Health Protection website.

Travellers wishing to learn about latest news on health advice, please visit the Hong Kong Travellers' Health Service website.

Guidance for booking cruise products through travel agents

Please browse the Guidance for booking cruise products through travel agents .

Recent decisions by TIC's disciplinary committees

Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System and Registration of Outbound Travel Information (ROTI)

Hong Kong residents planning to travel overseas are advised to browse the Security Bureau's OTA webpage and use the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s ROTI service to receive OTA updates and related information from the Government. 

Immigration Department's 24-hour helpline

Hong Kong residents who need help when they are outside the city may call the 24-hour hotline of the Immigration Department's Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit on (852)1868.

Visa-free Access for HKSAR Passports

Travellers may visit the GovHK website for an updated list of countries/territories which have granted visa-free access to HKSAR passport holders.

New regulation on export of milk powder (with effect from 1 March 2013)

Please click here for details.

Advance activation of overseas cash withdrawal function

From 1 March 2013, outbound travellers are required to activate the overseas cash withdrawal function for their ATM cards and credit cards. Please click here for details.

Dedicated Email System for Tours from Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Please click here for the dedicated email addresses of Hong Kong’s receiving agents. The dedicated email addresses of Shenzhen’s outbound agencies can be downloaded here (password not required).

Travel Knowledge Talk co-organised by TIC and ANTOR (HK)

Members interested in the captioned talk on the Czech Republic to be held on 15 August should register by 4 August (Circular C1662).

New promotional materials for Travel Industry Compensation Fund

The captioned promotional materials are enclosed with Circular C1661.

Florentia Village Hong Kong’s special offers

Members may enjoy exclusive privileges offered by Florentia Village Hong Kong (Circular 1660)

Second seminar on web-based e-levy system

Members interested in the captioned seminar to be held on 3 August should register by 24 July (Circular C1659).

Recruitment Day for Travel Agents

Members interested in the captioned event to be held on 2 September should register and pay a deposit by 27 July (Circular C1658).

The Voice of TIC is released

Want to know more about another attractive side of local tourism? Please click here to read the “Cover Story” of the latest issue of The Voice.

Updating Red List of “Quality and Honest Hong Kong Tours”

Members that wish to join the Red List should return the completed undertaking to the Executive Office by 31 July (Circular C1657).

Strictly observe traffic rules to ensure road safety

Members should remind tour coach drivers to observe traffic rules to ensure road safety (Circular 1656).

Member files appeal with court

Loyal Profit International Development Limited has filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal, with the date of hearing to be fixed (Circular C1655).

Acting Chief Executive attended TIC’s Appreciation Dinner

Acting Chief Executive Mr Matthew Cheung attended the TIC’s Appreciation Dinner on 25 May. Please click here for the full text of his speech (in Chinese only).

Travel insurance

Members are advised to remind package tour participants to take out comprehensive travel insurance (Circular C1647).

Special offers by food trucks

Tour groups received by members may enjoy the gourmet food offered by the food trucks at discounted prices (Circular C1643).

E-learning platform for tourism service industry

Industry members are welcome to use the e-learning platform (in Chinese only) launched by the Quality Tourism Services Association to enhance their service standards.

Student helpers available to receive cruise visitors and offer assistance in MICE events

Inbound agents that need student helpers to receive large parties from cruise ships visiting Hong Kong or offer assistance in MICE events on an ad hoc or temporary basis may contact various universities and tertiary institutions (“ Latest News ”).

Schemes for SMEs

Members may go to the SME Funding Schemes’ website and the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme’s web page for details about various schemes for SMEs.

Benefits for tourist guides

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for tourist guides...

Geopark Guide Accreditation System

Tour Escorts

Latest information on courses for tour escorts

  • 2017        

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for tourist guides

Tourist guides may click the following links to browse the information of the CPD activities:

  1. Knowledge on Hong Kong” Workshop / Quiz
  2. Seminars on professional ethics
  3. Self-selected courses

Immigration Department's measures to handle violence against guides

The Director of Immigration has written to the TIC on the captioned measures. Tourist guides may refer to the Latest News for details.

Tourist guides must not ask others to receive inbound tours

Tourist guides must not allow others to assist them in receiving mainland inbound tours or to receive the tours in their stead (“ Latest News ”).

Tourist guides must not directly arrange inbound reception services

Tourist guides must not arrange tour-guiding and transfer services for inbound tours organised by mainland tour operators (“ Latest News ”).

Important notes for tourist guides at Shenzhen Bay Port (Hong Kong Port Area)

Tourist guides must have a Closed Area Permit in order to enter and stay at the Hong Kong Port Area of the Shenzhen Bay Port (“ Latest News ”).

Demerit system for tour guides

The TIC has set up a demerit system to improve the service standard of tourist guides who receive mainland visitors (“Other Rules for Tourist Guides”).

Tour guides must never force visitors to stay in shops

Tourist guides must not stop visitors from leaving the shops freely or coerce them into making purchases (“Latest News”).

Latest information on courses for tour escorts

The Certificate Courses for Outbound Tour Escorts to be held during the following period is now open for enrolment:

Handy Tips for Tour Escorts

The “Handy Tips for Tour Escorts” covers general rules for healthy travel, basic first aid, insurance claims procedures and useful telephone numbers.

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