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Services for Members

Opening a New Branch

Opening a New Branch 

  1. Application Procedure

    1. Members must apply to the TIC for opening a new branch as early as possible. The following should be submitted:
      • an application form duly completed with company stamp;
      • a copy of the relevant Stamped Tenancy Agreement or Purchase and Sale Agreement. If it is unavailable, a copy of the provisional agreement should be submitted first;
      • a copy of Branch Registration Certificate for the new branch office. If it is unavailable, a copy of the application form for opening a branch lodged with the Inland Revenue Department should be submitted first;
      • a fee of HK$600 for opening a branch office.
    2. A site inspection  to be conducted by the TIC should be arranged at least one week before opening .
    3. A branch office certificate will normally be issued within three working days after the site inspection provided the address is approved.

  2. Branch Requirement

The requirements for each branch office are listed below for members' reference:

    1. A paid-up capital of not less than HK$250,000 for each branch office in addition to its paid-up capital of HK$500,000 for its head office. (If the member has not met this requirement, it must first increase its paid-up capital and submit the relevant supporting documents to the TIC.)
    2. It employs at each premises at least a manager who has a minimum of two consecutive years' relevant practical experience within the recent five years and another full-time staff member;
    3. It conducts its business within separate and independent commercial premises / buildings which are used solely for the travel-related and tourism business. (This requirement forbids an agent from sharing its office premises with any other agent / company.)

Note: Only Ordinary Members are allowed to open branch offices.

Download  Application Form for Opening a New Branch