Notes for franking package tour receipts

  • A package tour is an outbound travel service consisting of two or more of the following three components: (i) carriage (by land, sea or air transport) from Hong Kong to places outside Hong Kong; (ii) accommodation outside Hong Kong; and (iii) arrangements for an activity outside Hong Kong.

  • Charter tours, familiarisation tours, air-plus-hotel packages, and cruises are all package tours, receipts for which must be franked in order to pay the outbound levy, which must be borne by members and the amount of which must be equivalent to 0.15% of the outbound fare concerned.  

  • All tour receipts, including deposit, balance, full payment, temporary receipts and any documents acting as receipts must be franked. 

  • It is the responsibility of the selling agents who deal directly with and receive payment from clients to frank the levy immediately upon issuing the receipt.  

  • Whenever members collect outbound fares, irrespective of whether the collection is made before the tours depart or after the trips end, they must issue their customers with a receipt and immediately frank it.

  • All tour receipts must bear the following levy sentence in both English and Chinese:

    All package tour receipts must be franked for your protection.

  • If a booking is cancelled, the levy can be refunded at the TIC Executive Office upon producing sufficient documentary proof.  

  • Breakdown of franking machines must be reported to the TIC immediately.

  • If member agents have any doubts or further queries, please contact the TIC Executive Office on (852)2807-1199 . Evasion of franking and under-franking are against the law and subject to penalty. Members are strongly advised to brief their staff on the franking rules.

Download Application Form for a Franking Machine

Download Levy Refund Form ((PDF format / Excel format)

Download Franking Machine Reloading Form

Download Order Form for Ink Cartridge / Ribbon Cassette (Please refer to Circular C1122  for details)