New requirements for Tour Escort Pass

The following are some changes in relation to the Certified Tour Escort Card:

Change of name

The "Certified Tour Escort Card" has been renamed the " Tour Escort Pass ". All Escort Cards will remain valid until expiry.

Conditions of issuance

Tour Escort Pass holders must be 18 years old or over, pass a designated examination, and be holders of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card who are not subject to any condition of stay.

Renewal of Pass

Tour escorts must renew their Pass three months before it expires. If they renew their Pass within two years after its expiry, they will be exempted from taking the Certificate Examination. If, however, they apply for a renewal of their Pass more than two years after it expires, they are required to pass the Certificate Examination in order to obtain a new Pass. Candidates may take a resit if they fail the Examination and the number of attempts allowed is not limited.

Other points to note

Newly issued Tour Escort Passes will all be printed with a bar code to facilitate verification of information. Pass holders must also take note of the points listed below:

  1. They must wear their Pass on their chest while on duty.
  2. They must comply with the TIC's regulations concerning tour escorts and must not lend their Pass to others.
  3. They must take steps by themselves to ensure that they only carry out the duties of tour escorts in places where they are allowed to do so according to the relevant legal requirements of those places.
  4. Loss of the Pass should be reported to the TIC immediately for re-issuance of a new one.

( 2006-1-9 )