CEPA requirements for HK agents to organise package tours for Guangdong residents

Under a pilot scheme unveiled in the latest phase of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), wholly-owned or joint-venture Hong Kong travel agencies set up in Guangdong province are allowed to operate Hong Kong and Macao tours for Guangdong residents.

To obtain the preferential treatment, a travel agency must meet the following basic requirements (the details of which will be announced by the China National Tourism Administration):

  1. it must be incorporated pursuant to Hong Kong's Companies Ordinance;
  2. it has been in operation for at least 3 years;
  3. the annual turnover of a joint-venture travel agency must not be less than US$12 million and that of a wholly-owned travel agency must not be less than US$25 million;
  4. it has a registered capital of not less than RMB2.5 million;
  5. it operates travel agency business in Hong Kong;
  6. it employs 50% or above of its staff in Hong Kong;
  7. it has an office or offices in Hong Kong.

Apart from the above, a Hong Kong travel agency must first apply to the Trade and Industry Department for a Certificate of Hong Kong Service Supplier .

( 2006-7-13 )