Arrangements for cancellation of Thailand tours

In view of the rapidly worsening situation in Bangkok, the Hong Kong Government has issued a travel warning to strongly urge Hong Kong residents not to go to Bangkok.

According to Directive No. 143, if package tours are cancelled by travel agents for reasons beyond control, participants of such tours may choose either:

(1) to be refunded all the money paid (which includes tour fares, Airport Passenger Departure Tax, etc but excludes visa charges) after the deduction of a service fee of either HK$150 (for tours whose duration is five days or fewer) or HK$300 (for tours lasting for six or more days);
(2)to retain all the tour fares paid for six months without needing to pay any service fee.

If members need assistance from the TIC when negotiating with the airlines and hotels for proper arrangements for their customers, please feel free to contact the TIC as quickly as possible.

( 2009-4-14 )