All Bangkok tours are cancelled

Today (20 April), the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC) invited all major travel agents operating package tours bound for Bangkok to another emergency meeting.

In view of the current situation in Bangkok and the fact that the safety of travellers takes priority, the TIC suggested that all package tours which depart for Bangkok, Thailand, on 28 April or before will be cancelled. Specific arrangements will be made in accordance with Directive No. 143, which concerns cancellation of package tours for reasons beyond control. In other words, participants of such tours may choose either:

(1)to be refunded all the money paid (which includes tour fares, Airport Passenger Departure Tax, etc but excludes visa charges) after the deduction of a service fee (for tours whose duration is five days or fewer, the service fee must not be more than HK$150; and for tours lasting for six or more days, it must not be more than HK$300);
(2)to retain all the tour fares paid for six months without needing to pay any service fee.

( 2009-4-20 )