Package tours bound for Bangkok

Nineteen travel agents operating Thailand package tours met today (3 June), and given that the protesters in Bangkok have dispersed, order has been restored there and the Security Bureau has changed the Outbound Travel Alert from Black to Red, package tours bound for Bangkok will be resumed as from 9 June.

For those travellers who sign up for Bangkok tours on or after 4 June, their travel agents will specify on the tour receipts that they have signed up for the tours while the Red Outbound Travel Alert is in place and later withdrawal from the tours will be subject to arrangements made in accordance with the booking terms and conditions.

For those travellers who sign up for Bangkok tours on or before 3 June, they will be refunded all the money paid (which includes tour fares, Airport Passenger Departure Tax, etc but excludes visa charges) after the deduction of a service fee (for tours whose duration is five days or fewer, the service fee must not be more than HK$150; and for tours lasting for six or more days, it must not be more than HK$300) if they withdraw from the tours.

If any places originally planned for the tours are affected, the travel agents will adjust the itineraries to avoid visiting those places.

As for air-plus-hotel packages which depart for Bangkok on or after 9 June, the travellers may contact their travel agents on their own.

The TIC will closely monitor the situation in Thailand, keep in close contact with the Security Bureau, relevant organisations and travel agents, and disseminate latest news through the media and its website at .

( 2010-6-3 )