Two new events of Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong Wetland Park "Bouncy Wetlands"
This summer (from 13 June to 5 November 2012), Hong Kong Wetland Park will present "Bouncy Wetlands" to let visitors know more about the energetic and cutie mudskippers. Please click here for details.

Summer Theatre: Mudskipper and Friends at Mangroves 
Hong Kong Wetland Park and the Theatre Noir Foundation collaboratively present "Mudskippers and Friends at Mangroves" in this summer from June to August. In the drama, Master Mudskipper will bring audiences into his Mangrove College. Visitors will also meet Little Mudskipper, Kingfisher, Fiddler Crab, Dragonfly, and Mongoose in Master Mudskipper’s class. Please click here for details. 

( 2012-6-14 )