Most travellers of Smart Holiday already switched tours

GTG International Travel Limited (Trade name: Smart Holiday; Licence no.: 353135) closed down two weeks ago. Eleven travel agents came forward to help the affected travellers by allowing them to join other package tours by producing their original franked receipts.

Most of the affected travellers have already joined various package tours organised by the 11 travel agents, for which the TIC is most grateful.

Since some of these travel agents have considered that their assistance has accomplished the goal and stopped accepting the affected travellers for other tours, those travellers who have not yet joined other tours need to directly contact the following 11 travel agents (in alphabetical order of their company or trade names):

China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited
EGL Tours Company Limited
Guangdong Travel Limited
Hong Thai Travel Services Limited
HYFCO Travel Agency Ltd
Jetour Holiday (China) Limited
Kwan Kin Travel Services Ltd
Sunflower Travel Service Ltd
Towa Tours Limited
Yi-qi Tours

( 2013-1-22 )