Two new exhibitions of Hong Kong Museum of Art

“Heaven, Earth and Man – A Hong Kong Art Exhibition” Outdoor Exhibition at the Art Square at Salisbury Garden(20 February - 30 August 2014 )
Three renowned local artists, Danny Lee, Kum Chi-keung and Rosanna Li, have each created a large sculpture on the theme of “Heaven, Earth and Man” specifically for the Art Square. These works are inspired by our daily lives and reinterpret the harmonious relationship between man and nature.

Ju Ming — Sculpting the Living World(28 February - 15 June 2014)
“Ju Ming - Sculpting the Living World” is the first large-scale solo exhibition of the world-acclaimed artist Ju Ming in Hong Kong. All exhibits belong to the Living World Series, in which Ju Ming uses different materials to create sculptures that portray the stories of daily life, and people's different roles in family and our society.

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( 2014-2-19 )