Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park to close temporarily on 1 July

As the Hong Kong Dome Festival 2014 will be held in Kai Tak Development Area on 1 July, the following roads will be closed from 7am to 8pm to all vehicles except franchised buses and authorised vehicles:
  1. Shing Cheong Road;
  2. the unnamed road connecting Shing Fung Road and Shing Cheong Road;
  3. Shing Fung Road; and
  4. the unnamed road leading to the Runway Park.
To facilitate the road closures and crowd control measures, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park, which is located on the roof of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building, will be closed temporarily from 7am to 8pm on the same day.

( 2014-6-27 )