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Update on Red Lists of "Quality and Honest Hong Kong Tours"

Update on Red Lists of "Quality and Honest Hong Kong Tours"

The TIC, the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Guangzhou Tourism Bureau signed an agreement in December 2015 to introduce the Red Lists of “Quality and Honest Hong Kong Tours”. Travel agents joining the Red Lists of Guangzhou and Hong Kong are committed to, among other things, not organising low-price Hong Kong tours and not forcing visitors to shop.

The updated Red Lists take effect from 26 March 2018 and supersede the Red Lists announced on 25 September 2017. The Lists will be updated every six months.

The following are the travel agents on the Red Lists approved by the Guangzhou Tourism Bureau and the TIC respectively (in Chinese only):

Red List of Guangzhou’s travel agents
Red List of Hong Kong’s travel agents

( 2018-3-26 )