1. What are the steps to establish a travel agent?

    1. Find a suitable place and establish a company (either a body corporate or an unincorporated body).
    2. Apply for Association membership.
    3. Apply for TIC membership.
    4. Apply to the Travel Agents Registry for a travel agent's licence.

    Please note that no person shall carry on travel business until a travel agent's licence is granted.

  2. What is the difference between Ordinary Members and Affiliate Members?

    With regard to the application criteria, Ordinary Members must be limited companies while Affiliate Members must be unlimited companies. As to business nature, Affiliate Members shall not register, or organise or operate a tour. It shall not have a branch office.

  3. Must the director / shareholder of a travel agent be a Hong Kong citizen?

    No. However, the authorised person of a member should reside in Hong Kong so that he / she can be easily reached in case of emergency.

  4. How to renew TIC membership?

    The validity of TIC membership starts from 1 July of each year to 30 June of the next year. It is the responsibility of members to pay their annual subscription and renew their membership one month before its expiry. The TIC will send circulars to all members, usually in April, to remind them to do so.

  5. What does "separate and independent premises" mean? Can I take part of the area of our Group's premises to operate our travel agent business?

    An agent's premises shall have a separate and individual entrance accessible by the public and shall not be "an office within an office". Therefore, an office located within the agent's parent / affiliate / holding company is not allowed.