1. Which institutions' first aid certificates / attendance certificates are recognised by the TIC?

    The TIC recognises the first aid certificates / attendance certificates issued by the following six institutions: the Hong Kong Red Cross, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade, the Auxiliary Medical Service, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society, the Hong Kong Police and the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

  2. I moved last month and changed my telephone number as well. Can I just call the TIC to have my information updated?

    To ensure the accuracy of information, you should download the Application Form for Change of Contact Information , complete it and return it to the TIC to update your new contact information.

  3. How can I know whether a tour escort is an accredited one?

    You may check whether a tour escort is accredited by searching the Outbound Tour Escort Directory of this website.

  4. What should I do if I have lost my Escort Pass?

    You should immediately inform the TIC, and then submit the completed Application Form for Reissuing the Tour Escort Pass , together with a recent photo and a reissue fee of HK$200, to the TIC for a new Pass.

  5. I want to renew my Tour Escort Pass. Do I need to take the examination again?

    The Escort Pass is valid for three years. You will be exempted from taking the Certificate Examination if you renew your Pass within two years after the expiry of the Pass. However, you will have to pass the Certificate Examination if you renew your Pass after two years of the expiry of the Pass in order to obtain a new Pass.

  6. What are the procedures for renewing my Escort Pass? How much is the renewal fee?

    You should renew your Pass before it expires by completing the Application Form for the Renewal of the Tour Escort Pass and sending it together with a recent photo and a renewal fee of HK$150 to the TIC. The fee includes: a copy of the latest version of the training manual of the Certificate Course, a demonstration VCD for crisis management, a copy of the Code of Conduct for Outbound Tour Escorts , a booklet called " Handy Tips for Tour Escorts " and a newly issued Escort Pass.

  7. How long does it take to renew my Escort Pass? If I cannot collect my Pass in person, can I ask someone else to collect it for me?

    The processing time for the renewal of the Escort Pass is about four to six weeks. If you cannot collect your Pass in person, you may authorise a representative to collect it for you by completing the Authorisation Letter. Please note that your old Pass should be returned to the TIC through the representative.