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Mission and Services

Mission and Services


The TIC is entrusted with the responsibility to regulate outbound and inbound travel agents under the Travel Agents (Amendment) Ordinance. Our mission is:

  • to maintain a high standard of professionalism within the industry
  • to protect the interests of both the trade and travellers



For member agents

  • organising various kinds of activities to promote fellowship and understanding within the industry
  • organising training courses, seminars, workshops and the like to upgrade the standard of industry members
  • publishing regular publications and updating the TIC website to provide various kinds of information for members
  • setting down and enforcing various rules and regulations to uphold a high standard of service and fair competition within the industry
  • mediating in disputes between members and related sectors of the industry and the public
  • promoting communication between members and related organisations outside the industry and providing channels for discussion
  • collecting the outbound levy on behalf of the Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board
  • helping members recruit staff through the TIC website

For the public

  • raising awareness of travel safety and travel protection among travellers
  • handling enquiries and complaints lodged by outbound travellers and inbound visitors
  • providing assistance for those who need to apply for ex gratia payments from the Travel Industry Compensation Fund and financial relief from the Package Tour Accident Contingency Fund Scheme
  • setting up service hotlines ( outbound travellers: (852) 2969-8188 ; inbound visitors: (852) 2807-0707 )