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Tour Escorts

There are 14,878 accredited tour escorts as at 27 August 2022.

The information of this Directory is accurate as at last Saturday, and as such it may not be comprehensive and it may also include the information of revoked or suspended Tour Escort Passes. Please contact the TIC Industry Training Department if you have any enquiries.

Revocations / Suspensions of Tour Escort Passes

Purpose of this Directory

With a view to raising the professional standard of outbound tour escorts, the TIC has set up the Outbound Tour Escort Accreditation System, under which tour escorts leading outbound tours must hold a valid Tour Escort Pass issued by the TIC. The TIC therefore includes the names of the Tour Escort Pass holders, the Pass numbers and the expiry dates of the Passes in this Directory in order for the travellers and travel agents to check the validity of Tour Escort Passes. The personal data in this Directory should not be used for any other purposes not directly related to the above-mentioned purpose.